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If the last 21 years in business has taught me anything, it’s that, as a business owner, you truly can’t rely on one single source of income. I’m not afraid to admit it, but about 18 years, ago there was a day I needed £25K to pay bills and staff when I was told by my PA that there was only £656 in our bank account. We had no other income coming to be able to pay-out that £25K within 4 days, it then it dawned on me that cashflow is king, queen, prince and princess … from there I said to myself, why am I limiting myself to just one income source when you can have 7 or more!

So I thought, what can I set up to make money in and out of business. I had heard a lot about creating residual income but never truly understood it until I developed my Money Magnet Strategy. Since then, I’ve got into affiliate marketing; really pushed on social media management services; but the thing I’m most proud of is the launch of my mobile app!

Setting up those several things allowed me to put more energy into what I do best, speaking engagements and business coaching workshops. I even stepped out of my comfort zone and started trading forex signals! It took me a while to wrap my head around it all, but I did make a fair bit just by introducing friends and family.

After all of these efforts, not only did I bounce back, but I was left with enough to invest in a care home for vulnerable children and teens, which is still in the planning stages.

And guess what, I was showing others too, and It’s been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done. So, whether you want to invest in property, cars, open a restaurant, I can show you how to achieve your greater goal by using my #MoneyMagnet strategy. This will help you serve multiple niches in business, outside work or just social.

You could be a student, stay-at-home mum, serial entrepreneur or work a typical 9-5 job; I am here to help anyone who wants to make that extra revenue stream and make money moves!

    But before you sign-up, ask yourself the following:

    • When was the last time I made a PROFIT or bought something costly?
    • What can I do to generate INCOME?
    • How do I get my business, side hustle, or masterclass NOTICED on social media?
    • How can I BUILD a brand and have my own assets and retire early?

    If you struggled to answer at least half of those questions, you need to jump on board and let’s generate you some revenue. 

    My seminars and classes are guaranteed to help you TURNAROUND your business, side hustler, or create something that can create wealth to bring you that extra bit of income to live more than comfortable but extravagant; why not? After all, we only live once!

    I will be hosting a series of wealth creation seminars and masterclasses

    Not only will I teach you the money magnet basic strategies, but I will also go into greater detail on I sustained my own business ventures for the past 21 years through practical marketing and creating multiple income streams. Apart from hearing from me at my events and classes, there will be expert guest speakers to tell their stories and plenty of wealth creation resources to help you.

    At the end of my seminars, programmes and masterminds, you will have a fresh NEW LOOK AND PLAN to move to make those money moves – let’s do this together!

      MASTERCLASS topics – dates tbc

      • How to Earn £5K – £15K a Month
      • How to Increase Your Social Media Presence and Become an Influencer
      • How to Turn Your Passion into Profits
      • How to Turn Your Talents, Skills and Qualifications into an Online Business
      • How to Start a Side Hustle Business to Generate Income
      • How to Get Paid Speaking Engagements
      • How to Build Your Online Education Courses and Make Money Whilst You Sleep

        Join me at my Money Magnet Masterclasses and find out how you can earn an extra £5k a month over August

        I am an award-winning entrepreneur who has been running businesses for 21 years. I have survived two recessions and the COVID 19 pandemic against all odds.

        What has kept me afloat during these challenging seasons is being able to have multiple streams of income.

        I’ve learnt over the years that I needed to look at multiple streams of income as I had many cashflow crises in business when I first started, which I will share with you and others looking for financial freedom in your personal or business life.

        I will cover the following areas:-

        • Investment opportunities that bring in 50% profit every month with an investment of £1500
        • Building your own community and network that brings in monthly residual income with an initial investment of £500
        • Starting a consultancy business that will bring in £5K a month with an initial investment of £1K to get started
        • Tips on personal credit report and repair for financial freedom purposes

        On the day, you will need to bring a pen and notepad and have a very positive mindset. Please note this is not a make overnight money scheme and looks at the principle of the think and grow rich methodologies and tactical and intelligent ways over time.

        Cost: £99
        Date: 21-22 August
        Time: 11 AM – 3 PM

        You can sign up and pay using the form below.

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