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The Business Bounce Back Masterclass

Monthly Sales & Marketing Masterclass Webinars

  • Has your business been affected by COVID and now need to urgently bounce back and make a PROFIT?
  • Does your business need a serious PUSH START, MAKEOVER, or TURNAROUND ASAP?
  • Would you like to be able to market and sell your business services or products EFFECTIVELY?
  • Want to get your business NOTICED in the media?
  • Are you seeking improvement in your marketing to increase SALES?
  • Looking for BRAND RECOGNITION?

My ONLINE Business Bounce Back Marketing and Sales Masterclasses will give you a triple RELAY to revive your marketing efforts, post-COVID and beyond!

    We host business and marketing events weekly. If you’d like to join us for these webinars, register using the form below


    • Men and women in business who have been affected by COVID-19 and need to bounce back their business.
    • Established businesses that need to grow (sole traders or limited companies)
    • Businesses with a lack of marketing & PR acumen
    • Those looking to increase their profits immediately

    Mavis Amankwah

    Businesswoman. Entrepreneurial Coach. Diversity Coach. Diversity Ambassador. Motivation & Public Speaker.

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