Kickstart Programme: 6 months of talent, hard work and many rewards


There is a central mantra that I have used in my personal and professional career that I thought was essential for the theme of this article: give people the opportunity to improve themselves. I know too well how important this is, therefore, I have made it my mission to ensure that I do whatever is within my reach to help talented young people who too just needed an opportunity to unleash their full potential, so they can become who they were always meant to be. You can imagine my excitement when I found out about the Kickstart scheme. I immediately started working on onboarding 160- that’s right- 195 young people. To be completely honest with you, initially, this was a scary thought-how am I going to manage? Is it going to be smooth sailing? Anxieties start springing up but I quickly realised that there was no reason for that.

The Kickstarters have helped me revitalise and continue thriving through unprecedented times. Both of my brands have gone through a process of renewal which wouldn’t have been possible without them. Their creativity was behind Women Like Me’s gorgeous and contemporary redesign and behind Mavis Amankwah’s new face. It was thanks to them that we launched our Women Like Me app and kept it functioning, changing the features to optimise it as and when needed. Their hard work has led to a growth in my social media presence. One of our Kickstarters started a brand new TikTok account and managed to grow it to a thousand followers before her time with us was over! The list of accomplishments is too extensive to fully get into, but I highlight their commitment to making me realise that I am personable and that people care about my story; and that it’s okay to have fun with my brand- as one of the most significant contributions and changes in me and in the business.

Before I let them tell you in their own words, I just have to express once again how proud I am and how talented they truly are. Many of our Kickstarters have gone on to find further opportunities in the industry, which just feels my heart with joy! Even more joyous, is the amount of Kickstarters that have stayed with us on both a temporary and permanent basis. How lucky am I to not miss out on the talent?

But I am sure you have heard enough from me for the time being, so why not hear it straight from our Kickstarters? I have invited some of our of them to tell you how they feel about the scheme and what they have learned so far.


What would you say this experience has taught you?

“My experience as a digital marketing assistant at Women Like Me has great, I feel as if I’ve learnt a range of new skills and discovered a deeper level of working together as a team and helping market the company’s brands.” – Farai Bepura (Digital Marketing Assistant)

“This experience has taught me that teamwork is essential and key in every business.” – Dana Taffe (Digital Marketing Assistant)

“I believe that this experience taught me how to be more independent. I was put in situations outside of my comfort zone, and now I am much more confident in my work. It also helped me be more comfortable when voicing my opinions and proposing ideas.” – Lukasz Kucharski (Digital Marketing Assistant)

“Prior to beginning the marketing assistant role, I had very limited knowledge of the marketing industry. However, I have learnt many valuable skills during this process. The most valuable skill I have learnt would be how to use social media within a professional setting.” – Agnese Sproge (Digital Marketing Assistant)


How has being a Kickstarter at MA/WLM contributed to your professional path?

“Being a Kickstarter at WLM has helped me have a clearer understanding of the path I would like to take and has enlightened me to modern-day marketing.” – Farai Bepura (Digital Marketing Assistant)

“I’ve gained a lot of new skill sets working at MA/WLM and these skills have helped me strive in my personal and professional path.” – Dana Taffe (Digital Marketing Assistant)

“It has made me more employable by expanding my digital skillset. The knowledge I’ve gained will make future job hunts easier, as it makes me more flexible, and able to work in multiple positions.” – Lukasz Kucharski (Digital Marketing Assistant)

“Being a Kickstarter will positively affect my professional path as it has allowed me to expand my range of knowledge, which I can now take into any career in the future. This is because knowing how to market a product/service online is incredibly beneficial in this day and age.” – Agnese Sproge (Digital Marketing Assistant)


Summarise your Kickstarter experience in 3 words.

“I’d describe my experience as… educational, enlightening & special” – Farai Bepura (Digital Marketing Assistant)

 “fun, creative, passionate” – Dana Taffe (Digital Marketing Assistant)

 “Dynamic, Educational, Refreshing” – Lukasz Kucharski (Digital Marketing Assistant)

“Eye-opening, Valuable, Beneficial” – Agnese Sproge (Digital Marketing Assistant)


So I hope all of this has made for a compelling case. I am so happy with my participation and would do it again in a heartbeat, but why not consider doing it yourself? Don’t know where to start? Not to worry- we can help! We have had a 95% success rate after onboarding our 160 Kickstarters and are more than willing to help. We lend a hand through every step of the process, from application to administration. Interested? Want to learn more? Get in touch today!


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