I have a new face!

Twenty-one years… it’s been twenty-one years since I left my 9-5 and braved the world of business on my own. In those twenty-one years I’ve seen people get discouraged and shoot down any chance of success out of the common workplace; I’ve seen talented people not chase their dreams because they got too many rejections, or because they opened their business and it didn’t work straight away. 

I’ve had people ask me consistently: “what is the formula?” or “what is your secret?”

The truth is that there isn’t any. There are no shortcuts or foolproof ways of dodging a “no”; there aren’t any magical formulas that will ensure that it works out perfectly from the beginning – in fact, there will undoubtedly be a lot of rejection, pain, doubt, failure, and adjusting needed to ensure that you stay alive and that your business stays in shape.  All of that hardship is rewarded, however, when you get to serve your customers, make an impact in the world through your operation and take ownership of your own life and happiness.

I would know because I’ve gone through this very journey firsthand: my twenty-one years of success are connected with years of difficulties. I never want to celebrate them without celebrating the hardships – after all, what else am I celebrating if not the overcoming of obstacles? That’s the essential message I want you to take away because it is the message that got me where I am – you have to take things as they come, learn from them, and keep going. I always say that if there is a glass ceiling, then it’s your job to break it, and it’s with this spirit that I got where I am today; always keep that in mind to guide you on your journey.


Drum roll please…

I have a NEW FACE!

To celebrate my 21st anniversary, I wanted a new look that reflects all that I have learnt and experienced. I felt that my former logo, images, illustrations, and colours didn’t represent who I am anymore. I’ve come into my own and found my niche:

Connecting business and women.












The new face of Mavis Amankwah:

 I wanted to keep the logo elegant, simple, easy to identify and easy to work with when creating content.  The logo uses both line art and abstract shapes to describe my passion and commitment to linking women and business while embodying my love for creativity.

Colour provides a strong visual link to a company brand identity across a wide range of applications, and the consistent representation of these colours will help reinforce the distinctiveness of my brand. Taking this on board, and spending many sleepless nights deciding between hundreds of almost identical colours and tones, I have finally come up with a strong colour palette that I feel best defines me. The warm orange colour I have used stands for leadership, truth, experience, understanding and ambition. The tone of grey represents sophistication and wisdom. We also have an exciting array of neutral and pink colours to bring more femininity into my brand, and which I feel really compliment my main colours with a bit of fun and excitement added.

Keep a lookout for my evolved brand on my socials and website. Here’s to the next exciting 21 years, and beyond!












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