How to work less and make more

You have probably heard the saying: “work smarter, not harder” and for good reason. Too often we are discouraged from pursuing a specific goal because we think that it will be too hard; too time-consuming; and impossible to balance with our day to day lives. But what if I told you that lack of time, or even drops in motivation, don’t necessarily need to affect your money-making endeavours? Even better: what if I told you that I compiled a nice little list of ways you can start making money without having to work more? Interested? Well, all you have to do is read on.

Sell what you don’t use anymore

In the age of thrifting and eBay, there is no way that you have to lose money on something you have and no longer see any use for. Whether it is a 90’s Nike sweater or a (now vintage!) Tamagochi, you can make extra bucks while also decluttering your home- killing two birds with one stone. There have been stories of people who started by selling only one item and ended up running their own brands with nothing but a phone and access to an app. So, whether you’re on your way to becoming your own 2nd hand empire, or you just want to make quick bucks with items that are laying around in your flat, download the relevant apps and watch the cash come in.

Rent out a room in your home

In the world of stock buying, the housing market is known as one of the best to invest in. The demand for homes and rooms is high and if you have extra space, then you are on your way to understanding why housing is a good investment. By renting out your space, via Airbnb or more traditional means, you could have a steady stream of rent money coming in without needing to do anything other than clean the area you are looking to let before your new tenant moves in. Depending on which area your room is located, you could be looking at up to £1,000 extra every month! That’s what I call easy money!

Invest in stocks

The stock market can be very confusing for the average person. It can also be very risky, but in the age of information, more and more laymen are making cash by investing. All you have to do is look at the many helpful resources available through google and run through the basics to get you started; then, you will be equipped to download the many user and layman-friendly apps and start buying and selling. Similar to selling 2nd hand items, stories relating to millionaires being made out of stock trading from their phones, are abound. Whether you get to join this list, or just get to make a couple of extra pounds a week, stock trading is definitely a smart way of making extra money. 

Write a book and earn royalties

We all carry untapped creativity within us and that creativity is your ticket to making extra money while also doing leisure. All you need to do is write your own story. If you are afraid that your world-building skills are not the best, don’t worry about it, e-books that are non-fictional are also a good source of income, so just tap into your own experience and/or expertise and watch the royalty money come in every time someone buys your book. This way you could be watching your favourite TV show and making money at the same time!

Complete online surveys

You are probably already familiar with the importance of market research. Businesses need this precious information and they will pay for it. How many times have you found yourself sitting at home with nothing to do? The next time that this happens doesn’t need to be unproductive, you could instead answer some surveys and make extra quid. You are not consuming time, you are simply utilising it in a smarter way and getting great benefit out of it.

Start a YouTube channel

YouTube has become a staple of our culture in little more than two decades, and influencer culture has done the exact same in even less time. Though it can appear daunting to put yourself out there in the middle of many hopefuls, there are increasingly more channels reaching the 1 Million subscriber mark; and you don’t even need to have that many followers to start seeing fruits out of your online presence; all you need is to find your audience. If you have an interest, talent or hobby, you can start sharing it with like-minded people with not a lot of upfront investment and cultivate an audience that will become close to you very quickly. Not only are you going to be making money out of something you enjoy through ad-sense; but you are also on route for even more profit with sponsorships, and there is even a promise of setting up your own merchandise! You mix fun with your cash making activity, and making extra money will feel like light work!


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