How to go from an “I wish” mindset to an “I will mindset”: 3 top tips

“The most important thing in life is to stop saying ‘I wish and start saying ‘I will.’ Consider nothing impossible, then treat possibilities as probabilities.”

Charles Dickens

As an entrepreneur, there have been many times in which I have doubted myself, notwithstanding while deciding on whether or not to go out there and start my own business. I had always dreamed of where I wanted to be in the future, and even made plans to reach my goals, but let’s be honest- it’s very hard at times to shut that tiny voice that tells you that you aren’t enough; you will never get there; and that your dreams are unachievable; especially when you realise just how big and competitive the world you are getting ready to dip your feet into, is.

I am sure that this voice has stopped many great ideas from coming into the mainstream, and many great people from achieving their full potential. The truth is that those of us that are known for having changed the world or making a true difference, have to tell that voice to SETTLE DOWN and take that step anyway, and I have assorted a small list of top tips that will stop you from saying “I wish”, and help you replace it with a confident: “I will”.

Reassure yourself of your capabilities with mantra meditation/affirmations

If you have been reading my blogs on productivity and mental well-being, you might’ve seen this one coming. I will never get tired of stating just how important the practice of mediation/positive affirmations is. We tend to understand the objective of training a muscle to get it to be stronger, but neglect how important training your mindset is if you are going to succeed. When I am having a hard day in which everything seems to be crumbling around me, or in which I am doubting my capabilities, I turn on my meditation apps, take a couple of seconds to take a deep breath and to chant to myself that I am worthy, strong and focused. It usually reminds me of all that I have achieved, improves my concentration and motivation, and gives me an “I will” mentality.

Have a plan, set targets and work towards them

This is another common theme in my blogs of this sort, but I keep emphasizing it because of how important it truly is. Anthoine de Saint-Exupery once said: “A goal without a plan is just a wish”, and I couldn’t agree more. You might even have a mental idea/map of where you want to get, but it is nothing short of something you wish to do until you have established a plan to get you there. Pick up a piece of paper and write down your goal. Research on what you need to do to get there and set up achievable targets that will lead you there. Once you have an action plan, it is no longer a wish, it is a goal.

Get inspired and stay inspired by listening to others who have already done it

I didn’t have many role models that looked like me growing up, but the ones that I did have, I made sure that I listened to. It is admirable that you would want to be fully autonomous, but you should never be afraid to get advice from those that have done it before you and can guide you. If you don’t have access to those sources first-hand via seminars, or speaking engagements; then you can find books, videos and even podcasts in which they talk about their journey and offer their top tips. Listening to experts talk can give you that extra dose of confidence and motivation you need to stop saying “I wish” and start working towards “I will”.

You are now equipped to overwhelm the tiny voice of self-doubt and take ownership of what you know you can do by being positive and proactive. I know it can be scary to try something new and risky and that sometimes it is easier to just give up, but I am here to offer you the guidance needed when you finally start saying “I will”. Go to to find my services and follow me on social media for more relevant content.

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