FURLOUGH rules have been updated and extended many times in recent months and employers can now bring back furloughed workers on a part time basis while still receiving state support. These flexible furlough rules have been in place for almost a month now but some warn that there could be long term consequences. Mavis was asked her thoughts by The Express.

The Article

Mavis Amankwah, a Business expert who has led several companies, expressed a certain amount of caution when discussing these flexible arrangements:


“Flexible furlough sounds good in theory, but the reality is, it’s hard to put in to practice. It’s where furloughed workers are brought back on a part time basis.


“Business owners will have to make calculations for each flexible worker.


“Some workers have said that there is a lack of clear structure and days that they work. Due to boredom, and the volume of work, some are exceeding their part time hours with little financial reward.


“It is a good way to ease people back into work, having been off for so long, rather than making them transition into full time work immediately.

You can read the full article on The Express’ website.

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