One of Frasers Group’s warehouses was found to be underpaying staff. As the investigation into the allegation continues, Retail Gazette spoke to Mavis and a handful of business experts to find out what’s in store for the retail giant.

The Article

Mavis Amankwah, managing director of PR firm Rich Visions Small Business, said the allegations against Boohoo and Frasers Group is what sparked the public’s interest all over social media with the hashtag #GoTransparent.


“This is a clear demonstration that it’s impossible for the customer base to turn a blind eye to such behaviours and that each company should be cautious of their approach while preventing the minimum wage law breach,” she told Retail Gazette.


“This situation and the public’s advent on social media will definitely scar the image of the company and their values as a whole.”

You can read the full story now on the Retail Gazette website.

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