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I am a Diversity & Inclusion Strategist and Consultant who has rapidly become known for my ability to help corporations reach diverse audiences with my holistic and straight-talking approach to D & I.

My experience within the diversity and inclusion arena spans more than two decades. I have successfully bridged the gap and connected large corporations and organisations with a high number of BAME (Black Minority Asian Ethnic), diverse and communities classed as ‘hard-to-reach’ across the UK. Through my diversity workshops, seminars, and communication campaigns, I worked with large organisations, marketing and advertising agencies to develop and implement campaigns and projects to reach the ‘hard-to-reach’.

Besides offering diversity training, I have assisted communicators, agencies, HR professionals, and marketers in effectively reaching and engaging with BAME audiences. This was achieved through marketing and PR services which have ignited some honest, thought-provoking ‘inclusive’ campaigns and projects that have given results.

Having graced over 300 publications, such as The Telegraph, The Guardian, Daily Mirror, PR week, PR careers, Migrant Woman Talks, and Forbes, to name but a few, I have genuinely made my mark in the world of Diversity and Inclusion.

I co-founded Rich Visions to bridge that gap and have created campaigns with over 120 established commercial and corporate organisations, including ASDA, Digital UK, Comic Relief, HMRC, Metropolitan Police, HSBC, and MoneyGram.

With qualifications in Marketing, PR, & Management, I facilitate regular diversity workshops with corporate brands. Rich Visions was on the COI (Central Office of Information) Diversity roster for over 5 years.

I have worked across a plethora of sectors, including working with multiple industries including:

  • Public/Voluntary Sector
  • Central Government
  • Local Government
  • Charities & NGOs
  • Regeneration
  • Enterprise & Employment
  • Training
  • Business & Corporate
  • Media
  • PR & Marketing Agencies
  • Advertising & Media Agencies
  • Digital Agencies
  • Education incl. STEM

The highlight of my PR career was winning the Ethnic Communications brief for one of the most extensive campaigns in the UK, The Digital TV Switchover for London.

Digital Switchover was the largest ‘public infrastructure change operation’ since the switch to natural gas in 1967 – click here to learn more about this campaign.

I have recently been part of the Covid-19 Test & Track campaign to target ethnic audiences and was also involved in the government Knife Free campaign and Modern Slavery campaign in 2019.

My vision is to see more BAME and diverse audiences in senior management positions, executive boards, high-end advertising campaigns features, and places where BAME communities are unseen due to lack of diversity or institutional racism.

Over the years, I have been featured in various press and media championing D&I – check out some of these features through the years:

If you are looking for a D&I specialist to work with your Comms. Team or need information, advice or guidance on D&I, book a free 15-minute consultation with me to discuss your diversity needs by filling out the form below.

My collaborative approach has secured me contracts with organisations such as

The ‘Vision’

My vision is to build a reputation that makes us the first point of call for communicators, agencies and brands. Diversity & Inclusion matter.

My Aim

To emphasise the importance and benefits of specifically communicating and marketing to diverse and hard-to-reach communities across the country

To raise awareness of the diverse and disparate communities in the UK; revealing their demographics and psychographics

To increase agencies, brand specialists, public and private sector organisations ability to provide culturally sensitive services to their clients, customers and consumers

To provide effective communications to our clients and those wishing to reach diverse, i.e. BAME communities.

Reaching the Unreachable

My slogan of “Reaching the Unreachable” is a clear statement of intent to clients, prospects and other agencies/organisations and brands on both the scale of the task at hand and our ability to meet it.

D&I Support for HR & Recruitment Divisions & Departments

Why Diversity & Inclusion Matters in the UK?

D&I Support for PR, Advertising, Digital & Marketing Agencies

Mavis Amankwah

Businesswoman. Entrepreneurial Coach. Diversity Coach. Diversity Ambassador. Motivation & Public Speaker.

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