Mavis is a Diversity & Inclusion strategist advocate and public speaker who has rapidly become known for her ability to help corporations reach diverse audiences with her holistic and straight-talking approach. 

Mavis’ experience within the diversity and inclusion arena spans more than two decades.  Mavis successfully bridges the gap snd connects large corporations and organisations with a high number of BAME, diverse and communities classed as hard to reach across the UK via her various diversity workshops, seminars, and communication campaigns. 

Aside from her diversity training Mavis has assisted communicators, agencies, HR professionals, and marketers effectively reach and engage with BAME audiences via her companies marketing and PR services which have ignited some real thought-provoking ‘inclusiveness’ campaigns that have given results. 

Having graced over 300 publications, such as The Telegraph, The Guardian,  Daily Mirror, PR week, PR careers, Migrant Woman Talks, and Forbes to name but a few, Mavis has truly made her mark in the world of Diversity and Inclusion.

Her vision is to see more BAME and diverse audiences in senior management positions, on executive boards, on high-end advertising campaigns, and places where minority communities are unseen due to lack of diversity and racism.

Mavis’ collaborative approach has secured her contracts with

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