Bring It: Business Trends To Bring into 2022

It’s official- we are 16 days away from a new year! As I am typing it, I still find it hard to believe, but it’s true! You have made it through another unpredictable year. Take a few seconds to acknowledge that! 

This is also the time of the year for all the fun lists in which we remind ourselves of all the important moments of the year and what we liked or disliked about them! Your social media feeds fill up with best and worst movies/albums/products, etc.  There is one format I found mostly on Youtube which caught my eye- the bring/leave it trend. Creators make a list of trends they believe are better off staying in the past and ones they think we should carry into the future year.

I was inspired by that concept to create my very own list of business trends widely used in 2021 that I believe we should either leave or bring with us. This first part will be all about the good stuff that should definitely stay with us a little longer. Read on to learn all about it!

Bring It: Remote Working

This one has been with us since 2020 and it seems to be going nowhere, especially considering the most recent developments. The truth is that there is insecurity when it comes to maintaining offices open, and remote working seems to be the perfect solution. Initial fears of a drop in productivity seemed to be unfounded, with studies showing that it has stayed mostly the same or in some cases even increased during quarantine. Surveys also confirmed that about half of the UK’s workforce prefers working from home as it allows not only more autonomy but less spent on commuting. It’s no wonder that so many companies adopted a hybrid model moving forward.

Bring It: Entrepreneurial Bug

Seems like being in lockdown and having the time to learn new skills in 2020, lead to a boom of entrepreneurship in 2021, with new small businesses popping up everywhere but especially online. Being able to capitalise on your talent and/or passions is a wonderful thing, and being able to supplement yourself within your terms is even better. Innovation is the backbone of society after all, and chances are we are going to need it in 2022, so bring it aboard!

Bring It: Well-Being Initiatives

Being thrust into the middle of several history-defining occurrences hasn’t been easy and employers have taken note. Businesses have adopted supportive measures to help their employees maintain a clear state of mind and to persevere in these anxiety-inducing times. These changes in practices and supportive atmosphere, are not only something from which you can benefit during a global crisis but something that should be kept on an ongoing basis. Better well-being leads to more satisfaction and satisfied employees can’t help but do a good job. I say bring it!

Bring It: Diversity Matters

The reignition of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, led to wider spread awareness of racial discrimination, and an increase in measures to make BAME employees more comfortable in the workplace, as well as to encourage more participation of ethnic minorities in all areas of society-free of bias and discrimination-including in business. This is a welcome and positive development that goes against the historical trends of exclusion. Adapt it, keep it and bring it!

Do you agree with my choices? What are you bringing? Don’t forget to follow me on social media so you don’t miss the “Leave It” part of my list.

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