7 Morning hacks to Success
A well-designed morning helps you power through the rest of your day, and it’s no coincidence that the most dynamic CEOs follow a strict morning routine for success.As entrepreneur, you’ll want to be intentional about the way you structure your mornings.


Time is the most valuable thing you have as an entrepreneur and each piece of your morning routine should add value, happiness, and productivity to your day. This easy 7-step morning routine will kick-start your day on a healthy, powerful note so you can build your empire without burning out:

Wake up before you want to and immediately drink water

If a comfortable time for you to wake up is 7 AM, set your alarm for 6:45. This small act of discipline will actually help you start your day with the feeling that you’re pushing yourself. Open your shades, let the sunlight in, and get out of your bed before you start scrolling through your phone.

Hydration wakes the body and mind up, so be sure to drink 6-8 oz of water to get your systems going. Once you’ve followed these steps to wake up, you’re far less likely to hit the snooze button or float through your morning.

Spend at least 15 minutes practicing meditation, gratitude, or visualization

Although it’s tempting to get up and go-go-go, slowing down gives you clarity so you can speed up in the right direction. Some of you like meditation, so you can ground yourselves and release tension in your body before the day starts. Some of you practice gratitude and make it a priority to list what you’re grateful for.

Others like to visualize how you’d love your day to go so you can act with intention and clarity. Either way, your 15 minutes of silence should include all three of these in some way. Clarity and grounding before you start your day keeps you less distracted and more focused on how you truly want things to go.

Move your body to get your blood flowing

Movement wakes your mind up by getting a healthy level of blood flow to your brain. An active brain is a positive and productive one, so be sure to include at least ten minutes of movement into your morning routine.

There are women who need to run 10 miles in the morning and there are some who love to stretch it out in their bedrooms. The movement that matters is the one your body loves the most because this is what motivates you to make movement a habit in your mornings.

Eat a power breakfast.

Even if you are not starving when you wake up, fuelling your body nourishes you and your brain so that you can make it through the day energized and productive. A combination of whole grains, healthy fat, fibre, and protein is a perfect way to keep your body nourished, full, and craving less throughout the day.

Some ideas could be a power oatmeal bowl, a green smoothie, a veggie-heavy scramble, overnight oats, or pre-made breakfast bites.

Put on a power outfit… Just kidding, just get dressed

Realistically, many CEO’s work from home. This doesn’t mean you have to stay in your PJ’s all day… in fact, getting dressed even while working from home increases your productivity and feeling of accomplishment. You’re shifting out of “bed” mode and into “work” mode.

Even if your “work” clothing is workout gear or sweats, make it an intentional wardrobe change. For the boss babes working out of the house, a comfortable power outfit will help you stay confident and positive in your own skin throughout the day. When we dress for success, we exude confidence and start the day like we’re ready to own it.

Complete your top 3 “money-making” or most important tasks before 10 AM

We are naturally extra productive in the mornings. Our brains have just woken up, we’re fresh, we’re excited, and we’re positive. Let this natural motivation snowball into your most important tasks – the ones that drive the most business, the ones that bring you the most fulfilment.

When you complete your top three priorities first thing, you feel proud and excited to keep the productivity going. As a boss babe, you’re already a self-starter… but even the self-starters need to roll with their natural motivation.

Batch your time so you don’t get overly distracted and stay productive

The last key piece of your 7-step morning routine is to practice time-batching. It’s a simple hack that will make you feel like a productivity queen, even when your mornings are hectic and overwhelming.

To avoid those feelings, set aside a specific amount of time to complete ONE task without distractions. You do as much as you can until the time is up, and then it’s on to the next task. This keeps you moving quickly and focused, with far fewer distractions than if you were trying to complete too many tasks at once.

This no-nonsense morning routine is something you can practice daily. It’s less important to do it perfectly than it is to attempt as many of these as you can every day.

Whenever you do part of this 7-step morning routine, celebrate yourself to stay motivated and don’t worry about the rest. Your job is to do what you can, and this morning routine will give you the start of a successful day whenever you need it!


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