Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur.
Diversity Ambassador.
Marketing Expert.

Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur.
Diversity Ambassador.

I faced a lot of adversities including racism but I didn’t let that hold me back asides from that I had a really traumatic childhood and horrendous teenage life that literally scarred me for life (physically, mentality and emotionally)… but still I did not let that hold me back either!

From the age of 10, I looked after my two younger brothers every day to help my mum (who had remarried) and at the age of 12, I started working on a market stall earning my own money and helping others, I have never stopped since then

My dream is to continue to make a contribution to society and fulfil my God-given purpose to help others through my business, social and personal life in whatever shape or form.

Whether it’s from making a small difference to inspiring, encouraging and motivating others, I can help YOU!

Today, I am a businesswoman, employer, entrepreneur & coach wearing many ‘hats’.

I have been running businesses for over 17 years and it has not been easy, I have had the rewards(and the tests), seen the good and the bad, the sunshine and the rain. but I would not change a thing! It has made me who I am today!

I have won many awards and have been recognised for my achievements (and challenges). Despite the challenges I have faced, I believe I can create a legacy by just being ME! What is Your Story? Don’t Let Anything Hold YOU back!

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Mavis has been featured in over 300 media titles including The Guardian, Boots Magazine, The Telegraph, and Forbes Magazine as well as named as one of the most influential people in PR in PR Week’s most influential people in PR (2009-2015).

Mavis was most recently featured in The Mirror’s Black Britain 2020 campaign in which they showcase black British entrepreneurs. Click the link below to see Mavis’ most recent press features.

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Businesswoman. Entrepreneurial Coach. Diversity Coach. Diversity Ambassador. Motivation & Public Speaker.

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