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Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur.
Diversity Ambassador.
Marketing Expert.

Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur.
Diversity Ambassador.

I faced a lot of adversities including racism but I didn’t let that hold me back asides from that I had a really traumatic childhood and horrendous teenage life that literally scarred me for life (physically, mentality and emotionally)… but still I did not let that hold me back either!

From the age of 10, I looked after my two younger brothers every day to help my mum (who had remarried) and at the age of 12, I started working on a market stall earning my own money and helping others, I have never stopped since then

My dream is to continue to make a contribution to society and fulfil my God-given purpose to help others through my business, social and personal life in whatever shape or form.

Whether it’s from making a small difference to inspiring, encouraging and motivating others, I can help YOU!

Today, I am a businesswoman, employer, entrepreneur & coach wearing many ‘hats’.

I have been running businesses for over 17 years and it has not been easy, I have had the rewards(and the tests), seen the good and the bad, the sunshine and the rain. but I would not change a thing! It has made me who I am today!

I have won many awards and have been recognised for my achievements (and challenges). Despite the challenges I have faced, I believe I can create a legacy by just being ME! What is Your Story? Don’t Let Anything Hold YOU back!

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Businesswoman. Entrepreneurial Coach. Diversity Coach. Diversity Ambassador. Motivation & Public Speaker.

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