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Youth Conference Event for Aspiring and Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Posted on 8th March 13'

Google Campus. 24th February 2013. Hundreds of young people gathered in this quirky creative business space to take part in exciting and interactive workshops with a number of entrepreneurial gurus, motivational speakers, business minds, and truly successful hardworking people in their own right.

They came to soak up the pearls of wisdom from these established people in order for them start up businesses just like them. They came because they were thirsty for that knowledge, they came to be inspired, they came to push their aspiring business minds up another level. And these speakers were more than happy to share their top tips but also to give a background to themselves and where they came from/what they came through to get to this point.

The Speakers were:

  • Onyi Anyado (keynote speaker, visionary, author, life coach and mentor)
  • Temi Keowole – How you can bring your business ideas to life
  • Lisa Newton –   How to write a cash flow statement and the importance of book keeping
  • Julian Hall – The effects of using Social Media for business

The energy in the place was electric and networking was happening all over the place, which is a wonderful sight to see. People sharing ideas and wisdom around the room! The Q&A sessions were so vocal and dynamic and raised up a lot of talking points.

The conference covered a range of topics which included funding and developing their business ideas, seeking the right advice, drafting up successful business plans, juggling business with a family (for young parents), top tips from experts on how to market your business or brand, and drafting a robust cashflow in order to make their business work.

It was a real successful event and I urge you to come to the next event so you don’t miss out!

Here are some images from the event…

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