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Why Join WLM Business Club

Mavis Amankwah  (CEO/Founder of Women Like Me Business Club)


‘I want to provide a community where we support each other in business to  explore opportunities,  encourage leadership and complement  your business  growth when faced with uncertainty

Lets Go on our business journey together!!

Being the superwoman we all are; sometimes things can be overwhelming for  even us! We face challenges that intimidate us but one thing I will say is NEVER  give up on your ultimate dreams.

Did you know that a pound invested in developing women’s enterprises provides a greater return on investment than a pound invested in developing male owned enterprises? So in retrospect ‘us’ females can  start, grow  and build  our own businesses with success, all we need to do is have more faith in ourselves, support each other  and know that we can have “The Ultimate FFFR Lifestyle In Our Business”  – making it  Fun, Fulfilling and Financially rewarding.

Simply put, you deserve to be able to do what you love and be rewarded magnificently for it!

My greatest passion is to empower women into starting, growing and sustaining their business in all industries and sectors so… I have created The WLM (in full) Women’s Business Club with you in mind. Having started my business and kept in running for over 15 years, I understand how important it is to be around strong willed people (Women) in order to grow as a woman juggling business, family, friends and as well as creating time for YOU.

Here at the  WLM  business club we have a powerful community of business women  who support each other in entrepreneurship  to explore opportunities, encourage leadership and complement each individual’s growth especially when faced with doubt and uncertainty!  As we begin our journey on the road, we will get some humps and bumps, flat tyres and punctures, but we will get to our final destination and complete that finish line….

I want you to be part of  my own journey and I want to be part of yours must have heard the saying when women come together, great things happen . I can promise for a small investment you will receive great rewards.

I am excited to take this journey with you!’

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