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Vote for Positive Inclusions to get the RBS Enterprising Youth Grant!

Posted on 8th October 13'

RBS Inspiring Enterprise


Since March, I’ve been working on the government-backed Start-up Loans scheme as the Business Ambassador for official Delivery Partners, Positive Inclusions. As part of this role, I’ve been helping to provide mentoring support and my business expertise to young people with an entrepreneurial spirit as well as promoting Positive Inclusions’ participation in the initiative. Start-up Loans gives financial support to young entrepreneurs looking to start a business that would not normally be available via traditional banking relationships. Through this, Positive Inclusions have been able to give out £2 Million worth of startup loans to nearly 300 young entrepreneurs.


Because of this ongoing success and expertise in enterprise and assisting young people, the RBS Group have shortlisted them for funding for their Enterprising Youth grant. This is great news and well-deserved recognition but they are up against six other companies to obtain the funds. They need your votes in order to win!


The project they want to run is called Pitching It and is a new service, offering business development workshops that will help 40 young people from East London learn presentation and negotiation skills that can be used to successfully pitch their ideas to the Start-up Loan Team. Pitching It will help them move away from gangs and crime, give them the skills needed to access finance and help them to negotiate their future in the business sector.


The RBS funding will be used to run negotiation and presentation workshops, one-to-one business advice and accounting support and 4 bookkeeping and accounting workshops. 2 volunteer Interns will assist young people with reading and writing issues.


There’s only EIGHT DAYS to VOTE for Positive Inclusions to get these funds for the project so please vote, it only takes 2 minutes – 



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