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Voice of Africa: Business Talk Show- Friday 4th Oct 2013

Posted on 9th October 13'



As part of my aim to encourage and inspire more people to pursue their dreams by turning their passions or ideas into profits, I was delighted to join Barima Yaw (Radio Presenter at Voice of Africa Radio), at Voice of Africa Radio studios on Friday 4th October 2013, London, to deliver the first episode of my Business Talk Show monthly series.


The show was opened with some funky Afrobeats music, which really increased excitement within the studio and got everyone in the mood for what the show had to offer. The opening part of the Business Talk show included a brief introduction of myself and my journey as an entrepreneur. From there I was able to jump in and get the show officially started, by offering some useful tips and advice on ways to become your own boss.


Nevertheless, the show received some positive feedback, as many people were keen to share their business ideas and some even showed an interest in applying for a start-up loan package. Overall, the show turned out to be a success and I absolutely look forward to presenting the next one.


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