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The Saying Yes Project

Posted on 30th May 14'
The Saying Yes Project was aimed at girls with personal and social issues.  At first the uptake was slow but we persevered and soon many more came.
It was fun, it was interactive and very interesting. From the motivational speakers, business social entrepreneurs, professionals, Barrister, Carer, Counsellors, Leaders and Mentors who made up the Project Leader and workers to the participants, each one worth their weight in gold. They gave up their time, their evenings once or twice a week from 2013 – 2014 to change their mind sets, expand their horizons and be willing to embrace new challenges and see things in a different light.In the Social Media sessions, the participants learnt how to use Gmail, twitter, Linkedin etcetera and played games which taught them, how to strategise, team work, communication, dedication, how to plan their work as a foundation for ideas, and suggestions, patience and not to give up but to see things through to the end.The publicity and PR was done by Richvisions who publicised the Saying Yes Project and the Yes Programme on Facebook, Twitter and Eventbrite.The girls came thinking: I don’t know what this is about, it is going to be long, and boring and I don’t want to go, and left feeling Wow! I even received a surprise gift.


5 Saying Yes Champions were selected, they visited Secondary schools and told them about the Saying Yes Programme.


We rounded off the Saying Yes Project and Yes Programme with a meal together and a wonderful time of camaraderie and photo-taking and presentation of certificates.



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