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The Connected Woman Panel Discussion organised by NBWN at RBS head office

Posted on 29th June 16'

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It was a pleasure to be part of an amazing panel facilitated by Sonia Brown MBE. We discussed the importance of networking for women in order to grow their business performance and profits.

I was on the panel with:

Chris Kettle- Entrepreneur Development Manager | Entrepreneurship I Commercial & Private Banking NatWest Business Banking

Jenny Garrett- Trainer, Speaker, and Author of Rocking Your Role

Sharon Mclean- CEO, Business with Excellence

Cathy Ballard- Spiritual Business Coach and Mentor

Suzy Lambro- Eight8 Lettings London


We discussed and answered questions on:

  • Leadership style, practices, and traits
  • How to network in the business sector
  • How to follow up key contact you made in a networking event
  • Rocking your brand like a superstar
  • Raising capital to take your business to the next level
  • How to successfully move your business forward through social media
  • Promote more collaboration for success

The highlight of my evening was a live tweet of a tip I shared during the discussion which was, “People cannot see your nerves.”





























Stay tuned for more update on upcoming events.