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Start-up Loans Meeting with James Caan

Posted on 23rd September 13'

Mavis and James Caan 3


As you may know, I’m the Business Ambassador for Positive Inclusions. At the moment, they are currently working as one of the Delivery Partners of the government-backed Start Up Loans scheme, run by The Start Up Loans Company.


The programme aims to boost the UK economy by supporting the development of over 30,000 new businesses with start-up business loans over the course of the next few years – this is currently open to UK citizens between the ages of 18-30. My role is to assist the team to ensure applicants are given the right business support and advice throughout their journey with our organisation.


Yesterday, the Chairman of The Start Up Loans Company (and former Dragon’s Den investor) – James Caan – held an exclusive meeting at his Hamilton Bradshaw offices with some representatives of some of the delivery partners to discuss new major developments since the campaign started last year – of which I was also invited.


It was a good open meeting where we all had the opportunity to express our thoughts and opinions about the scheme so far and how we can all help push it forward and help aspiring entrepreneurs to get the best out of this programme.


Here are some photos from my meeting with James Caan…


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