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Rich Visions Welcome Easter In Eggcellent Style

Posted on 4th April 13'

The Rich Visions Team let down their hair and celebrated the coming of the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend with food, fun and laughter. After the working day was up on Thursday, we decided to have an office party where we ate excessive amounts of pizza, had a huge scramble for our favourite Easter Egg, and enjoyed a tipple with the team.


Mavis / Easter Egg


Mavis got her favourite Easter Egg, the perfect excuse to enjoy a chocolate treat without feeling guilty.

Our party increased its numbers as we invited the downstairs office to join us. Everyone let their hair down and showed off their dance moves, Jide included! Fun, food and music – a great way to end a hard working week and a fun way to begin the Easter holiday.


Easter Party


Hope you had as much fun as we did! Wishing you all a Happy Easter from The RVSB Team.


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