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Rich Visions Go Bowling…

Posted on 25th March 13'

At Rich Visions, we like to work hard but also play hard! As a treat for the team and all their wonderful efforts, we decided to let our hair down and go on a team trip to bowling. The place was Stratford, the date was Friday 1st March. And boy, were we all competitive and wanting to taste victory!

We went for a bite to eat first (one has to be fed and watered before partaking in bowling) and then went bowling. We split into teams of course and after a very loud competitive fun match, Jide’s team were the victors!

And to reward ourselves afterwards, we went for some lovely scrummy cocktails!

It was a lovely outing and we all enjoyed ourselves so much. Thanks to Sarah, Kimberley, Faith, Jide, Ruth, Mavis and Melissa for coming down and making this a great chilled out evening.

See below for some photos of the night’s activities…


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