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Rich Visions Away Day, 15th November 2013

Posted on 26th November 13'


On Friday 15th November 2013, we took the time out to get away from the office and have a team-building away day. It was a full day that focused on intensive workshops in time management, organisation, public speaking and confidence. This took place at St Luke’s Community Centre in Barbican.


Our time management/organisation workshop was led by Business Coach, Asari St Hill, who engaged us and allowed us all to think outside of the box in terms of managing workloads, organising ourselves better and using different processes to achieve those things especially in the various tasks that we do. I feel the team and myself definitely learned a lot about ourselves and about the company and how to move forward and be even better.


The confidence/public speaking workshop – led by Trainer/Presenter/Coach, Mo Obadina – was more fun and practical with various exercises and allowed us to be more confident in speaking out in public, doing presentations, networking and doing elevator pitches, group-work/pair-work, and becoming more comfortable in ourselves and represent ourselves in the right way. A lot of fun was had and I feel that we all acquired a little bit more confidence by doing this workshop.


After these workshops, we walked over to the Thistle Hotel in Barbican for the real fun part of the day (which I was most looking forward to), the chocolate-making workshop with Roberto! We were given Chocolate Martinis (so good) as we were taught about the history of chocolate, had chocolate tasting sessions to differentiate between the different types of chocolate, and we also got to make our own chocolates to take home too.


Here are some photos from the chocolate-making workshop…



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