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Poem For Mavis


Conception of an intricately woven web

Of DNA, flesh, skin, limbs, eyes…

Delicately weaved with sparks of potential

Burning embers of promise

Designed to ignite

Created to burn bright

Through all adversity

Equipped with fire

Armed to fight


God gives the toughest battles

To his strongest soldiers

So when the world is at war with you

And straddles your shoulders


He as equipped us with armour

Which He, himself soldered

Mavis Amankwah

There’s never been a bolder soldier


Your passion is contagious

And gives the most doubtful among us

A mindset that can save us

And break free from the insecurities

That try to enslave us



One of God’s warriors

Built with the armour

That life tried to use to harm her

And yet, here you stand

Beautiful. Bold, Brave.

A spirit of light


Mavis, may your flame

Continue to IGNITE

And courageously BURN BRIGHT

 Caroline Duah Nantwi

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