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Pleasures Magazine Include Me in “100 Most Successful Ghanaians in the UK” List!

Posted on 23rd September 13'

Pleasures Magazine (Ghana)



Yesterday (22nd September), I was sent a message by the Ghanaian-based popular magazine, Pleasures Magazine via Facebook. Pleasures Magazine is a publication that brings awareness to the culture, art and life of Africans and Africans in the diaspora.


It was a lovely surprise as they told me that for the latest issue of their magazine (release date – Tuesday 24th September 2013), they had compiled their own influential list of the 100 Most Successful Ghanaians In The UK and had featured me in the list.


Pleasures Magazine 2 (Ghana)


I was beyond happy and chuffed at this achievement especially to be recognised in such a unique way in my home country. It was a true pleasure and it means so much to me.


As the magazine is based in Ghana, the issue isn’t available to anyone in the UK to buy but if you are based in Ghana, do pick up a copy!


Thank you to the wonderful people at Pleasures Magazine – it’s an honour.



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