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Pink Friday 2013 at Rich Visions HQ!

Posted on 28th October 13'


On Friday 25th October, we decided to throw our annual Pink Friday event (which we do in honour of breast cancer awareness month) internally at our offices with all donations being raised for the Breast Cancer Care charity.



To mark the occasion, we all wore a splash of pink, wore Breast Cancer badges and made/decorated cupcakes and sold them to everyone in the communal office building (Limehouse Court) we share with other companies.


To buy a badge and/or a cake, a minimum donation of £1 had to be made. Altogether, we had a real good fun time making cakes and selling them and obviously enjoying the cakes too. Everyone loves the cakes. We made £50 for the day. Thanks to Diwa, Melissa, Kimberley, Afiah and the rest of the team for making this a success!


We will be donating the money to help with:

  • Helpline team to talk with a caller in confidence about any questions or worries they may have
  • A personal appointment with their ‘HeadStrong’ service to help cope with hair loss from cancer treatment.
  • Pays to connect someone going through breast cancer with a trained volunteer who has had a similar experience to them.


Here are some pictures from the cake-making…




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