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Our First Women Like Me business club Workshop

Posted on 24th August 16'
The first Women Like Me business club workshop took place on Saturday 13th August. The theme was Social Media. In light of the limitless digital arena, this was the best theme to jump-start our series of workshops. We had two incredible social media experts who trained all attendees on how to use social media to help grow their businesses. Tobi Awoyemi, an Instagram guru kicked off the day by getting everyone familiar with the mobile App. It was an interactive session that allowed delegates to create an account and understand the importance of hashtags and gaining the confidence to film an Instagram story.
During the course of the workshop, a few ladies were given the chance to share their experiences of using social media for their businesses. The challenges and opportunities they have faced and what advice they can offer to those just starting out.
The second half of the workshop was by New Media Angels founder, Cemanthe Mckenzie. She delivered an interesting and very informative session on how to use social media to advance your business growth. She talked on the uniqueness of social media platforms and what businesses should and shouldn’t do to ensure effectiveness.
The Women Like Me business club delegates left the workshop feeling educated and empowered to apply what they’ve learnt for the advancement of their businesses.