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Mavis Tells Mary Shittu She Beans Business

Posted on 9th November 12'

These past couple of weeks have been very busy especially with the new office move however it was still it was business as usual. Somehow, our MD, Mavis managed to find time in her busy schedule to share her culinary skills on Naija Bites – well a girl’s gotta eat!

The OHTV production, Naija Bites is an African cooking programme presented by the glamorous and multi-talented Mary Shittu. Each episode sees Mary and her amazing co-host and cook interview a celebrity guest whilst cooking a tasty African dish.

Mavis was the special guest of the day, and was an absolute natural at improvising dialogue and using props – they don’t call her ‘Wonder woman’ for nothing! They had her cutting up onions and boiling beans whilst posing questions such as, “So, Mavis, you’re a wife, a mother, a PR guru, author and successful business woman, how do you do it?”

Dressed in a red power dress and matching heels with half a plantain in hand, Mavis did a pretty good demonstration of exactly how it’s done…”it’s all about multi-tasking”. By the end of the shoot we all tucked into a helping of beans and plantain.

Multi-tasking tastes so good!

We will keep you posted on when it airs on OHTV.

By Iola


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