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Making Of A Mogul Episode

Posted on 1st July 13'

I was recently featured in the second season of the hit TV series Making Of A Mogul. Hosted by renowned host Anita Erskine, the programme is regularly shown on DSTV (Africa Magic Channel 151), which is at present broadcast to vast audiences in 41 different countries across Africa.


Making Of A Mogul’s premise over the series is to for each episode, look at the way certain people in various industries have made a big success of their name in various places of work and how this has impacted their lives and the lives of others on their road to success. It also takes time to highlight and focus on the challenges of work and also looks at family and social activities in general.


Being asked to be a part of this was a true honour and a privilege and I thoroughly enjoyed it (Especially the car I was chauffeured around in). Although it felt weird at first to have a camera following me around whilst at work and on a social level, I really enjoyed it and warmed into it. Basically the Making Of A Mogul team spent a maximum of two days filming my daily activities as well as seeing how I work and interact with other people.


Have a look at this YouTube video which features part of the episode that was broadcast in Africa recently…



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