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Lifetime Achievement Award

Posted on 27th June 18'

Lifetime Achievement Award | Mavis Amankwah

On Saturday, June 23rd, I was recognised for my hard work at the Lift Effects Community Awards and I’m happy to say I picked up my 13th award: ‘Lifetime Achievement’ I just want to say thanks to everyone who has supported me throughout the years, one thing I know is that determination and perseverance always win!

When I heard the news I asked Sandra Nelson from Lift Effects if she was sure it was me and I gave all sort of excuses as to why I should not accept this award, especially my age (being too young and not ‘there’ yet!) and she said to me yes Mavis you have been recognised for the great works you have done over the years and you need to come and collect your award!

Life Effects | Mavis Amankwah

The Life Effects Community have done a lot of fantastic work over the years; I’ve attended many a seminar. They encourage men and women alike to acknowledge their self-worth, placing great emphasis on the importance of not giving up. I highly recommend Lift Effects and their community for anybody looking to start the path of entrepreneurship.

I strongly believe women are afraid to start their own business – Check out my blog post on The Khadija Summit in April – There may be many reasons, be it a lack of financial backing, role-models or self-belief – I intend to change that in 2018.

Community & Business Awards | Mavis Amankwah

  1. Women In Business Awards 2005
  2. ‘Innovation Award’ in 2007 GAB Awards – Media category
  3. Black Business Awards – Innovation category 2008
  4. Winner of the 2010 ‘Outstanding Achievement in Business’ Women In Enterprise award
  5. ‘Outstanding Career Achievement ’ – Powersis Award 2011
  6. Women4Africa Awards in 2012 – ‘Business Woman of the Year’
  7. Women4Africa Awards in 2012 – ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’
  8. Winner of the Junior Chamber of Commerce ‘Outstanding Young Persons of The World’ 2013
  9. African Business Excellence Award 2014
  10. Winner of the 2015 ‘Speaker of the Year’ IWOP
  11. Winner of 2015 100 Outstanding Africans Making a Difference
  12. Winner of 2015 ‘Inspirational Award’ Back2Black Award
  13. Lifetime Achievement Award – Lift Effects 2018

Finalist & Other Recognitions | Mavis Amankwah

  1. Finalist of the Great British Entrepreneur Award 2013
  2. Ebony Business Recognition (EBR) Awards 2014 – Finalist ‘Women’s Business Coach of the Year’ and ‘Motivational & Inspirational Business Women of the Year’
  3. Named as one of the most influential people in PR 2009-2015
  4. Finalist ‘Entrepreneur Of The Year’ National Diversity Award 2015
  5. Finalist for Business Person Of The Year Newham Chamber of Commerce 2016
  6. Named as one of the 61 most influential Ghanaian’s in the Diaspora 2018

Business Anniversary | Mavis Amankwah

Come to think of it I have worked extremely hard in all seasons and just kept going even when it felt impossible. I celebrate my 17th Business Anniversary, this Sunday! I will also be revealing my new business name title and providing information on how I will continue to help more entrepreneurs to start their business. They’ll also learn how to grow and sustain their enterprise(s)!

Going back to last week, when I picked up my Lifetime Achievement award I must say it was a proud moment as I stood with the most two important women in my life: my mum and daughter!

Lifetime Achievement | Mavis Amankwah

I’m no Deborah Meaden, but through sheer persistence, adaptation and attitude I’ve weathered the storms, and I will continue to do so for the years to come!

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