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Kamran’s 30th Birthday Mohawk!

Posted on 25th September 13'

Today was a bit of a random unique day! One of our colleagues, Kamran Assadi, waltzed into work not batting an eyelid with an unbelievable mohawk haircut. This was to commemorate his 30th birthday which is coming up at the beginning of October.


It really suited him but it was so unexpected and all of us couldn’t quite believe our eyes – it was definitely a sight! Our mouths dropped and all we could do was look on in awe! Luckily, the haircut (once we got used to it) really suited Kamran and he was rocking it well.


We couldn’t help but touch his hair and take lots of photos of him.


I literally couldn’t stop laughing and took photos of Kamran and his haircut and tweeted them on Twitter as well as putting it on Facebook.




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