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How To Turn Your Passion Into Profits: Workshop – 14th Sept 2013

Posted on 17th September 13'


Sat Session - 14th Sept 2013


As I am currently working on the Start Up Loans scheme with Delivery Partners, Positive Inclusions. We regularly hold events to assist young people between the age of 18-30 who want to take their first steps into business.


They’ve recently started doing monthly workshops on Saturdays (in addition to the weekly Wednesday ones we already do) and on the 14th September, they held another one at their offices.


It was a “How to Start Your Own Business workshop” to get the attendees fired up and inspired to turn their passion or hobbies into profits, by becoming their own boss within the next 6-12 months.


The workshop covered subjects like:

  • How to turn your passion or hobby into profits
  • Putting your business idea on paper
  • Drafting your business plan
  • Drafting your cash flow forecast
  • How to apply for a low interest Start Up Loan to kick start your business dreams
  • Tips on how to make your Start Up Loan application ‘ ready’ for approval
  • Seeking the right advice


As well as including inspiring talks and presentations by some of the team on financial and business matters too.


It was a great turnout with more than twenty people turning up!


Here is a photo of the calm before the storm, before the event started…


Sat Session - 14th Sept 2013 (1)


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