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How to Turn Your Passion Into Profit: Workshop (3rd Aug)

Posted on 6th August 13'


Last Saturday we held our first monthly session for interested people looking for advice and help in starting their own businesses and how they can turn any passion they have into a good profitable business.


How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit Workshop


It was an inspiring well-attended workshop event which saw people network, share ideas, gain knowledge and insight and the right advice to move forward with the business at whatever stage it was at. This event allowed people to embark on their own personal journey to being their own boss.


The day included engaging presentations from Team Leaders Faith Tabvuma and Jide Adesesan, as well as the following topics:

  • How to turn your passion or hobby into profits
  • Putting your business idea on paper
  • Drafting your business plan
  • Drafting your cash flow forecast
  • How to apply for a low interest Start Up Loan to kickstart your business dreams
  • Tips on how to make your Start Up Loan application ‘ ready’ for approval
  • Seeking the right advice


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