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House of Praise Empowerment Summit – 14th Sept 2013

Posted on 20th September 13'


On Saturday 14th September I was invited to speak at the House of Praise Empowerment Summit which took place at Lighthouse, House of Praise church in Camberwell.

The aim of the summit was to empower young people who are determined to make a difference in life with talks from business owners, question time activities featuring a panel of entrepreneurs, business pitching activities, character development workshops and more.

The audience were really engaging and the speakers were informative covering all areas to do with business, entrepreneurship and self-development.  My speech was based on my journey from adversity to prosperity and how I did this through turning my passion into profits. We had an amazing response and afterwards were approached by many of the attendees who were keen on signing up to Start-up Loans and the Diva Visions club.

A big thank you to David John for having me, it was a great event and I hope to be at more events like these in the future.

Below are some pictures from the event…



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