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Posted on 31st March 17'
When you wake up to GOOD NEWS it makes your day more productive, last year business was challenging as I had to #BeBold and change the direction of the business slightly after 15 years which included changing my target audience altogether, when you have been doing the same old for so many years it is hard to make adjustments but it had to be done, it has taken about 12 months for me to really see the change and I tell you it has been painful but worth it but so glad to say when you are passionate nothing stops you, you keep swimming…
…this morning I got an email from a client I helped with putting her business plan  and financials together as well as advising and supporting her to secure a low interest loan with Virgin Start Ups and guess what her (and her partner) have just been approved for £50k to grow their ‘food and drink’ business, they had been dreaming of this and now its all coming to light #BelieveYouCanAchieve!


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