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Guest speaker at THE VIEW for Innovate Her Clients

Posted on 15th August 12'

On Monday 30th January, 2012, I was honoured to be part of an exclusive event called ‘Inspired and Wired – Beyond 2012’ at The View, situated in the heart of East London.

The view which overlooked the Olympic Park and the Stadium for the Games this year was spectacular. I could see the whole of East London and growing up in Newham I was so proud to be part of the evolution.


The event which was strictly for the ladies was all about altitude, innovation and overall empowering women. As the main speaker I was excited to talk to the ladies to find out about what they do and more importantly to assist in answering any questions as well as give advice.

I spoke on the fundamental rules of research, doing things in short doses to fulfilling your dreams, the significance of business cards, mingling with likeminded people and the importance of prioritising your time. An example I gave was me waking up in the early hours of the morning to cook stew and soup which you will know is not a 5minute job, had to prepare my talk and then ensure I was at the venue for 1pm. And for many women out there it’s the same in terms of doing a hundred and one things before leaving the house. But the vital rule in order to make sure things get done is about managing your time effectively and realistically.

Towards the end of the talk, a little saying I left them with was:

‘The sky is your limit and do not allow anyone to stop you reaching your dreams’

Overall the talk went extremely well and I held a book signing session which also allowed me to have a one to one talk with all the ladies who attended.

Check out some of the pics below

She won herself a copy of my book


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