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Great Times at ‘Naturally You’ (14th July)

Posted on 19th July 13'

The 14th July was a truly inspiring day for myself as I was invited to speak at the wonderful Naturally You event on 14th July held by natural health enthusiast Leah Salmon.


The Naturally You Day is a free event that aims to showcase experts in the natural health, wellness and personal development world, so that their products, services and talks can motivate,  inspire and assist visitors to take action in boosting their life and health naturally.


This being Leah’s first live event was a true testament to her influence in the natural health field and the following she has as well as the ever-increasing interest that people are having in bettering themselves, their mindsets and perspectives in a positively organic way.


I personally spoke about how starting your own business can actively improve your life and well-being – the talk was very well-received and I was really encouraged by the whole event. It was an enriching experience.


The day consisted of the following:

  • Natural health and wellness talks and demonstrations in the downstairs seminar room
  • Naturally You Market
  • Children’s activities
  • Live entertainment
  • Goody bags with free gifts and discount coupons
  • Healthy whole food meals on sale
  • Prize draws to win natural health gifts




It was a successful event and I hope that this event is done annually as I feel there is a major need for it and people were encouraged by the day’s workshops. Well done Leah!


Here are some photos from the event…


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