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A Final Farewell to Ruth ‘Nyambura’ Kagua – RIP

Posted on 26th September 13'

RUTH - FRONT BOOKLET RESIZED 2September 5th, 2013 was the day where many lives were shattered (including mine) and hearts were broken after the sudden passing of a dear friend, sister and colleague, Ruth ‘Nyambura’ Kagua, 28, from London, who was prematurely taken from her loved ones.


On September 18 2013 Ruth’s Rich Visions friends along with her family joined hands to give her a remarkably moving send off before her burial service, which took place on September 21, 2013 at Langata Cemetery, Narobi, Kenya.


The heartrending ceremony was opened with some tear- jerking songs from a playlist created using some of Ruth’s music of choice, which included songs from Kenyan gospel singer, Paul Mwai, some old school Michael Jackson and more of the late Ruth’s interesting and pleasing music selection. The service was followed by a brief prayer from Reverend Peter Ngugi-St Gabriel along with some emotion filled songs and readings from Ruth’s family.


Prior to her send off family and friends of Ruth were given the opportunity to have a final viewing and chance to say their goodbyes to a woman who was highly respected and appreciated by many.


Rich Visions FamilySpirits were lifted at the reception where everyone was able to get together to celebrate Ruth’s life, through songs, poems and heartwarming speeches, which was hosted by Kenyan TV presenter, Janet Wainana. I started off the evening with one of the hardest speeches I’ve ever had to do in tribute to my Ruthie. She was such a beloved friend of ours and  virtually a family member to me for 9 years. This was followed by an emotional presentation from my Rich Visions family (friends and colleagues of Ruth), who were able to deliver a touching speech and poem for their late colleague and dear friend. The mood quickly lifted back up as the music genre changed, the DJ was able to get people on their feet and dancing to some of Ruth’s favourite songs.


Further tributes were paid to Ruth by family and friends throughout the evening, where Mama Shiro, Ruth’s aunt, sang a short but affecting song to her late niece. The ceremony or should I say, the celebration, was one that many will cherish as a reminder of their last day with Ruth.


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