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Diva Visions raises money for Breast Cancer Care Charity – 26th October 2012

Posted on 20th January 13'


Yesterday was a very special evening for all the ladies who attended the Pink Friday Cocktail Party at Tottenham Court Road.

Diva Visions held a charitable event raising money for women’s survival against breast cancer and to raise awareness amongst women within the African Caribbean and Asian communities.

The brutal fact that women of colour are more likely to wait longer before seeing a doctor about a change or to attend a screening,  is a pretty astonishing realisation.

Dawn Symmonds a breast cancer specialist, from Buckinghamshire Hospital NHS Trust gave an informative talk on everything breast cancer related, from demonstrating how to correctly check your breasts for any suspicious lumps to what to do if you think you are at risk.


We were honoured to have our very own Diva Visions member ‘Princess Deun,’ who spoke about her fight against breast cancer. As a survivor her story was an inspiration to all the women in attendance and certainly compelled them to be more aware of breast cancer.


There were also some amazing prizes given away including a FREE Diva Vision membership, a prestigious bottle of wine, a FREE one hour consultation with Mavis Amankwah, a copy of ’44 ways to grow your brand and business’ and £40 worth of beauty treatments at Vixen Salon.





I am happy to announce that we raised £220 on the night. This will go towards:

  • An expert Helpline team to talk to a caller in confidence about any questions or worries they may have
  • A personal appointment with the ‘HeadStrong’ service to help cope with hair loss from cancer treatment
  • To connect someone going through breast cancer with a trained volunteer who has had a similar experience to them

Diva Visions would like to thank all the ladies and the one gentleman who supported the event (there always is one guy who is surrounded by beautiful ladies)


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