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Diva Visions 3rd Birthday – RBS Women in The Boardroom & Women in Business Conference

Posted on 30th May 14'

This year marked our cherished Diva Visions club’s 3rd year anniversary!!  And with another year comes another reason to celebrate, which we decided to do by holding an event entitled ‘Women in Business and Women in the Board Room’.

On the 1st April we teamed up with some very important women at The Royal Bank of Scotland to hold an insightful evening of talks and networking regarding the interesting topic of women in business and women in the boardroom.

Guest speakers of the evening included myself (founder of Diva Visions), Lord Alan Sugar’s The Apprentice 2013 candidate, Sophie Lau, Director and Founder of Proud to Be Me, Lola Owolabi and on behalf of The Royal Bank of Scotland, Regional Sales Director, Heather Melville and Managing Director, Anne McPherson.


In true Diva Vision style we also celebrated with canapés, wine and lots of networking!



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