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#MakeMyBusinessOver Coaching Programme

Posted on 5th October 18'

Coaching Programme

In October, I will be launching the #MakeMyBusinessOver Coaching Programme. To sum up, I will be coaching just 20 women over a 1-year period. My goal is to help them grow their business and competencies as an entrepreneur. Competency is the ability to do something successfully or efficiently.

Business Makeover Pitch

If your business needs a makeover or you need to increase revenue, get in touch with me as soon as possible. I’m looking for serious entrepreneurs who need a new challenge in 2019. Furthermore, all interested parties will need to pitch to me.

Benefits of Coaching Programmes

My friends over at Insala have written an article on the wonderful benefits of coaching. Here’s a preview of what you can achieve if you join my Coaching Programme.

  1. Establish and act towards achieving goals
    Mentoring gives the individual an opportunity to define their career goals in a realistic way. Moreover, with the assistance of a coach, they can set these goals and then actively work towards them.
  2. Increased engagement
    When an individual is engaged, they are able to contribute more effectively to the team. This engagement also helps stabilise employee retention rates.
  3. A deeper level of learning
    Coaching isn’t just about improving an individual’s skills in the workplace; in fact, it takes learning to an even deeper level. Through coaching, an individual can learn more about themselves. In addition, they can find out how they are perceived by others and improve on areas of their personalities and even their lives that they are not satisfied with.

Coaching Programme

Coaching Programme


If you’d like to learn more about his amazing opportunity, please email me on or call 0203 633 0513.





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