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Giving Back – Helping Young People



Over the last 18 months there has been a series of shootings and killings in London, like everyone else we all want to do something to help, therefore I am asking all entrepreneurs to support our young people in what ever capacity you can as it starts with YOU and ME.

I haven’t been able to say much recently as I have been absolutely speechless (I do not know what to say than my heart bleeds) in regards to the stabbings and killings that are happening around us on a frequent basis.

In March 2018 I attended a friend’s brothers funeral, he was stabbed in an unprovoked attack leaving behind 4 children with one on the way!! As I stood in the church I said to myself why, why would one want to take another person’s life no matter the situation and as I looked around the ‘packed/full to the brim’  church listening to Daniel’s Eulogy, my eyes was full of tears.


I personally have lost about 6 friends (my friends siblings/cousins of cousins/etc/etc) who I went to school or college with over the last 25 years but it is now getting to much to bear as the ages of the deceased are getting younger and younger!!   I said to my friend the other day they are our children and I have been wrecking my brain like many of you have to, saying to myself what can I do to help as this is a serious epidemic.

From 2003-2007 my brothers and I used to run a youth club called Sankofa African Caribbean organisation in Newham,East London for young boys, it attracted over 50 young boys 14-18 years old a week and we could not cope due to the demand and lack of  funding, we needed help to keep the club going as we had put in a lot of our own money but needed more larger funds to be able to keep it running regularly but we could not keep it open and had to close it down after 4 years.  This year we are working towards re-opening and hoping to restart the club again, but in the meantime I will be running free business sessions for young people aged 16-18 and 19- 25 years who are looking to go into entrepreneurship.

If you know have young children, nieces,nephews, cousins,family friends or know a young person who wants to turn their passion into profits, please do ask them to get in touch with me and the team.  For more information please do contact me on 07949847841 or email


As I end all I can say is that things can only get better but it will take YOU and ME to help make a difference!!!

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