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Celebrating International Women’s Day with Mavis Amankwah

Posted on 15th August 12'

Me and the Rich Visions Women

Being in an office full of women, it was only right we celebrated International Women’s Day with a bang. Originally marked on March 8 every year I held a special evening on with my very good friends Pastor Lola and Eryca Freemantle inviting all women to mark the occasion.

The night was very emotional I was able to let the ladies get an insight to who Mavis Amankwah was and share a few of my life experiences which ranges from being told by my teacher that I would never amount to anything to now being the Managing Director of an award winning PR company.

Both Pastor Lola and Eryca Freemantle were amazing, as they were able to share their inspirational stories.

As women we juggle and do a million things at once which can get overwhelming but bottom line is that we are survivors. My message for the women who attended was that they are respected, appreciated and loved for everything they do as well as honouring other great women such as Oprah Winifrey, Caster Semenya, Dorris Lessing etc.

This is one of my favourite poems written by Sylvia Chidi called Without Women. Check it out and let me know your thoughts. Happy International Women’s Day!

Today a daughter and a princess
Tomorrow a mother or a mistress

Up! Up! Up! Women
Stop! Stop! Stop! Women
Perhaps true, perhaps true

Women are amazing creatures
Moulded with dazzling features
Women are an object of mystery
Have their own place in history

Women are great
They make the best dates
Except when they turn up very late

Without women
What will become of us?
No more noises on the bus
No one to make all the fuss

Without women
What will become of men?
Who will teach them,
How to behave and learn?

Who will teach them,
How to behave and learn?

Women are the spicy ingredient of romance
Women are the juicy parent of importance
Women are a heavenly treasure
The epitome of human pleasure

Up! Up! Up! Women
Stop! Stop! Stop! Women
Perhaps true, perhaps true

Without women
Would this earth have survived?

Without women
Imagine how many will feel deprived

Women are simply delicious
Beware they can be serious
Especially when suspicious
And turn to Mrs Vicious

Women are priceless
Without women
Life will be without spice
Simply lifeless


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