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Celebrating 17 Years In Business

Posted on 3rd June 18'


This month Rich Visions celebrates 17 years in business, it has not been easy, it has been a journey that’s all I can say. I just want to say  THANK YOU to everyone that has supported Rich Visions on the  journey of business and myself Mavis on the travels of entrepreneurship.

On my business travels,I had a lot more adversity than expected but each challenge has been a learning curve (no MBA or PHD can prepare you  for the ups and the downs of business) but I don’t look back in regret (leaving my 9-5 job as a qualified and certified IT Technician was the best thing I could have done)but look back and into the future with a massive SMILE .

What I did many times was …dust myself off, reflect and get back up and 17 years on with over 12 accolades to my name, over 300 media features, a Wiki page, having the opportunity to speak on stage at the same event as Richard Branson, having employed over 100 staff, gaining a degree (after deferring 7 times), bringing up 2 kids (who are now adults 17 and 23),winning & losing contracts and with the sudden death of my PA in 2013 (who worked with me for over 9  years)  I must give myself a pat on the back to say the least.  I do not like to blow my own trumpet but sometimes you have to #DontGiveUpOnYOU!!

We will be celebrating 17 years in business with a difference in July #moreinfocoming soon




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