Winner of 16 business and community awards, featured in 200+ media titles, named as one of the most influential people in PR 2009-2015

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If you’d like to grow or stabilise your business, contact Mavis today! Did you know, statistics state that only 4-6 in 10 businesses make it to year 5? The remaining don’t for a number of factors including lack of planning, or not having the know-how. Does your business need a serious MAKEOVER or TURNAROUND?

Having been in business for over 16 years, I’ve weathered the storms through sheer persistence, adaptation and attitude; and I will continue to do so for the years to come!

I can help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals; come and TALK TO ME. Fill in the form below and get you started with a FREE 30-minute business consultation to discuss your business needs, wants and desires; or call 0203 653 0153


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