Winner of 16 business and community awards, featured in 200+ media titles, named as one of the most influential people in PR 2009-2015

44 Ways Book

Mavis debuted as an author with ’44 Ways to Grow Your Business or Brand’ in 2011. This timeless book was highly celebrated and is still a go to guide for small business owners.

Mavis draws heavily from her experience gained through running her own company for over a decade. The book lists 44 sharply observed pearls of wisdom advising budding entrepreneurs of the fundamental marketing and promotional techniques they must use to sustain their business and increase profits.


“I now have 44 inspirations for wishing to grow my own business. It is truly an inspirational read, which at many stages made me want to throw my lot into my own enterprise. Thanks again for providing such inspiration, I can only imagine what it prompts young entrepreneurs to achieve!” David Palmer Barnes – Stratford Town Centre Manager

“Mavis Amankwah is willing to share all things she’s learnt since leaving her IT Job and plunging into the business world in 2002. Not just the general SWOT analyses and the PEST analyses you’ll find in any business guide, but specific examples of her own company’s weaknesses, and how she turned them around. It’s the kind of book a young entrepreneur, a new or established small business or sole trader looking to expand, will find extremely useful.” Henry Bonsu – Colourful Radio

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