Winner of 11 business and community awards, featured in 200+ media titles, named as one of the most influential people in PR 2009-2015

Business Services

Business Consultations – Mentoring or Coaching

For business start ups and established businesses on a serious mission!

Mavis’ one to one advice can get you fired up and inspired to turn your passion or hobbies into profits, by becoming your own boss. Or if you want to expand your own enterprise, she can give you tips on multiplying streams of income.

Mavis’ experience is phenomenal as she has been running her businesses/enterprises for over 10 years – and will gracefully share with you her business highs and lows as well as share how rewarding it has been against all odds – giving you professional advice and guidance.

Mavis will meet with you at a time convenient to your requirements, either at your premises or at her offices in Canary Wharf to discuss any of the following:

Business Planning

  • Brainstorming your business idea
  • Business planning and goal setting
  • Reviewing and updating your cash flow forecast
  • Accessing finance and what is available
  • Developing a repeat sales strategy
  • How to apply for business loans and funding
  • How to write a winning cash flow forecast
  • How to compile a robust business plan
  • Building assets and not liabilities
  • Defining your mission and values for your business
  • Turning around a underperforming business

Finance & Loans

  • Developing your pricing strategy and the outcome of your market research to agree your start-up costs
  • Assist in compiling realistic sales figures for each of your products
  • Brainstorming all expenditure items
  • Reviewing and advising on developing a healthy cash flow forecast

Marketing & PR

  • Creating a comprehensive marketing plan to boost business growth
  • Defining your target audience and reach
  • Raising your personal business profile on and offline
  • Fine tuning your market research results
  • Exploring your marketing tactics and how to measure your efforts
  • Developing a social media marketing plan
  • Assist in pricing the cost of implementing your marketing plan
  • Developing PR and publicity plans
  • Looking at the best possible means to raise your profile and get you media coverage on TV, radio, online and print

Mavis has products that can help you start or develop your business, they can be purchased HERE. Mavis also offers one to one advice which starts at very reasonable prices for a 30-minute consultation. If you want expert advice from a multi-award winning entrepreneur, contact Mavis today at or call 0203 137 6033 .