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Women Like Me in Business in Heels – Afternoon Tea

Posted on 19th August 19'

Business in Heels – Afternoon Tea

Thank you to all the fabulous women that turned up to Business In Heels – Afternoon Tea, last Saturday. It’s not easy organising and hosting events but it’s all worth it when everyone has a good time.

Women Like Me in Business in Heels - Afternoon Tea

We dressed up, sipped some tea, networked, danced a little and went home inspired and motivated after hearing from the fantastic speakers, what more could a woman ask for on a lovely Saturday afternoon?

Mavis Amankwah’s Fabulous@45 Birthday Event

Join me on Saturday, 31 August as I host my next event, Birthday Business In Heels. I will assist you on how to can run a successful business (in heels), run a family and feel fabulous.

Mavis will share invaluable tips and techniques on how you can run a great business while looking fabulous. 


  • How to create a personal brand
  • Dos and Dont’s when building your personal brand
  • PR and social media (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Blogs)
  • & More!

Click the link below to read more about the event now!

Mavis Amankwah's Fabulous Birthday Event


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