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Business In Heels, 2nd November 2013

Posted on 25th November 13'


On Saturday 2nd November 2013, a swarm of gorgeous blessed women rushed down in their best swanky heels to the latest Diva Visions event, Business In Heels, which was held at the beautiful Strand Palace Hotel in Central London.


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This was an inspiring fun event that incorporated inspirational talks, business showcases, competitions, an array of heels (and some tasty edible chocolate heels donated by Azra Chocolates), and a scrumptious two-course luncheon.


It was a special event before the end of the year to highlight the business and feminine aspects of being strong businesswoman succeeding in a mostly male-dominated business world as well as celebrating Global Entrepreneur Week.


The event ran seamlessly, and for that, part of the credit is owed to the wonderful Hanieh Chehrehnegari who was the master of ceremonies for the afternoon. She was an enthusiastic and eloquent speaker who was totally perfect for the event, a glamorous former member of the Diva Visions team and now the owner of a nail bar in Barnet. Hanieh shared her story and touched the hearts of the women who were then fed a delicious 2 course meal, compliments of the 5 Star hotel, which came included in the £23 tickets, talk about luxury!


The stage was then graced by Angela Harkness, the founder of High Heelers, she gave an informative presentation equipping the ladies with practical tips on how to become an “intelligent, sexy, sassy business women” in control of their own entrepreneurial journeys! Her extensive business knowledge and expertise was fantastic. As if all that wasn’t enough to challenge and motivate us into action we then got to hear the uplifting success story of Azra Sadiq of ‘Azra Chocolates’. Azra spoke on the topic of “stepping out of the ordinary and turning what you love into a business’ she captured our attention with her sweet ‘chocolate shoes’ and her even sweeter personality. Congratulations to Adaobi who won a pair of chocolate shoes for having the ‘Best Heels’.


The ladies were spoilt on Saturday with such a wide variety of speakers including Dionne Williams from Natwest who gave information on where the women can find additional support for their business. The stage was shared by a selection of spotlight speakers all sharing their stories, presenting their products and inspiring one another to aim high. The event was topped off by a breathtaking motivational speech by Mavis Amankwah, award winning entrepreneur, business owner, PR Guru and founder of Diva Visions. She set an impressive example of a woman of excellence as she taught some key tips on how to build self confidence and find self worth. These tips included Learning to say NO and De-Cluttering your life, Positive thinking, and exercise and take care of your body, mind & soul, treating yourself, relaxing, taking time out, laughing, encouraging yourself, creating wealth and much more!


The evening was then topped off with a priceless networking opportunity, the chance to exchange business cards and form new business relationships. The ladies then took plenty of fabulous photographs at the media wall in their gorgeous shoes. The event was certainly not to be missed, well done to Mavis and the Diva Visions team who did an incredible job!


A selection of photos from the event…



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