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Birthday Edition: 39 Things You Didn’t Know About Mavis Amankwah

Posted on 28th August 13'

Mavis Amankwah


Today we come to celebrate my 39th birthday, so I thought it would be good for you all to get to know me a bit better. So here are my 39 things that you might not know about me – Enjoy!


  1. Star Sign? Virgo
  2. Do you have children? I have two children aged 18 and 13
  3. Marital Status? With partner for 20 years, married for 17 years
  4. Any Phobias? Snakes
  5. Any Habits? I have a daily facial regime – cleanse, tone and moisturise
  6. How do you keep fit? I run for 40 minutes at least 2-3 times a week
  7. Most expensive thing you have ever bought? A two year old Mercedes Benz C200
  8. Best holiday? St Lucia and Los Angeles
  9. Most embarrassing moment? Going for my first swimming lesson at school with my underwear on underneath my costume. Everyone was laughing and a old school friend reminded me the other day
  10. Any siblings? 2 young brothers and one half brother
  11. Are you an auntie? Yes I have seven nieces and one nephew
  12. First business client? Sleek cosmetics
  13. Current client? The Start Up Loans Company
  14. Shoe size? 6
  15. Favourite food? West African and Caribbean Cuisine
  16. Secondary Education? I went to a nun/all girls school
  17. Have you ever won anything? I have won 7 business and community awards
  18. Musical taste? Reggae, soul and rare grooves
  19. Business brands? Rich Visions, Rich Visions Small Business, Diva Visions, Positive Inclusions, Black TV Guide, Rich Visions Digital
  20. Who is Mavis Amankwah? I am an Entrepreneur, Author, Business Owner and Public Speaker
  21. Media interest? I have been featured in over 130 publications across various media
  22. Favourite Martin Luther King Quote? “I have a dream that my four children… will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character” Martin Luther King said this 50 years ago on my birthday. I was born 11 years later.
  23. Hobbies? Bringing people together via social events and gatherings
  24. Most memorable moment in business? Being invited to speak at Business 2012 where Richard Branson was on the bill
  25. Role model? Peter Jones and Levi Roots
  26. Worst business moment? Losing money and staff in 2008 recession
  27. Favourite PR and Marketing campaign to date? Digital UK TV Switchover campaign we did back in 2012
  28. Most inspiring person you’ve met in person? Steadman Graham (Oprah’s partner)
  29. Best personal achievement to date? Being able to put the past behind and look into the future
  30. Best business achievement to date? Winning contracts and still being in business despite the turbulences I have been through
  31. One thing you can’t live without? Lip gloss
  32. Favourite pastime to relax? Massage and spa
  33. Something that you love? Being able to look up to the sky and know that I can talk to God in good and bad times
  34. Your No.1 pet peeve? People over promise and under deliver
  35. The book that changed my life? Business Nightmare by Rachael Elnaugh
  36. Worst job? Working in Percy Ingles when I was 15
  37. What was your childhood dream job? To set up an IT school in Africa
  38. Your secret skill is? I am good at knitting and can follow knitting patterns- have made cardigans and jumpers
  39. What are your bad habits? Having too many lattes


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