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August My Birthday Month

Posted on 8th August 18'


I have just 20 days until I turn 44 and I am really excited as the last two years I didn’t really celebrate like I used to as one of my brothers became really sick in summer of 2016 and then the summer of 2017 was just not good for me as I had to go through all sorts of emotional, physical and mental torture (and tests) but then got the ALL CLEAR for cancer!
Reflecting on Summer 2018,it has been a much better year, and I think I will really celebrate this year as after getting over the two hurdles above, winning a lifetime achievement award, celebrating 17 years in business, with my daughter turning 18 and then graduating at university after deferring 7 times there is a cause for a celebration!
I just wrote this note to myself (reflecting on my business life)
I am an award winning entrepreneur and a business woman/role model (been featured in over 250 media titles) who has helped many businesses (mostly ethnic minorities and women) including myself to access business support, loans and funding, to date I have successfully helped over 650 people secure over £6m worth of loans & funding in just 5 years check out my two website
I have been through the good,bad and ugly of business but have no regrets, I have survived two recessions, won and loss big contracts and got through terrible situations (including the death of my PA who worked with me for nearly 10 years who I found dead at home a few years ago (she was only 28) against all odds I am still going strong and now on a mission to become the first black women Dragon, in the Dragons Den.
I am the right candidate for the JOB as I am passionate and determined to create a legacy and make a difference, I hope you will take me ON!!


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